Thursday, October 22, 2015

T-Cell Master Supplement (with Reishi Mushroom) Review

My husband has been taking t-Cell Master for about 2 weeks.  I had never heard of this product previously but was given the opportunity to review it.  This immune and cell health supplement is made from highly concentrated Reishi mushroom bio-compounds. 

The Reishi mushroom's "bio-compounds" protect and enhance cell health, and can contribute to improving overall health and longevity. They are abundant in antioxidant properties and can provide a boost in immunity to certain diseases and viruses.  Some users that take Reishi supplements have reported to have improved sleep, less anxiety, less stress and improved health. I was sent this supplement for review (at no cost).  My husband is testing it out and we will be giving our honest opinion (from a limited 2-3 week experience of usage).  

My husband has not had any ill side effects, however it is still too soon to know if this supplement is helping him.  He takes several daily vitamin and health supplements every night before bed with a snack (often a bagel and cream cheese or peanut butter crackers) and watered down, 100% fruit juice.  He takes 2 of the t-Cell Master capsules.  They are a dark powder inside a clear capsule.  

t-Cell Master reports to have the highest concentration of Reishi bio-compounds (500% higher than leading brands).  I have no experience in other similar supplements, so I will take their word. :) Apparently other brands contain less than 10% of these special "bio-compounds" (polysaccharides and triterpenes) and are mainly composed of fillers.  This t-cell Master supplement contains spore extracts, which apparently is a really good thing.   Spores just sound a little intimidating to me I guess. 

Chinese medicine has used medicinal mushrooms for treatments of cancers and diseases.  It has been used alongside chemotherapy treatments and has had some success in reducing some side-effects. It has been studied that Reishi mushroom can potentially inhibit tumor growth for prostate cancers.  (source)

To be honest I do not understand completely how this supplement works or the science behind the Reishi mushroom and its spores, but from my limited research (a few internet searches and reading), it seems to be rising in popularity despite being an ancient remedy.  I always like trying holistic and herbal/natural approaches, and so I am happy to have him give this a try.  I am not going to make any claims on this product for now as it is much too soon.  

Here is an excerpt from a study on the pharmacological uses of the Reishi mushroom and spores.  Please note that Reishi is also referred in this as "Ganoderma".  

"Triterpenoids isolated from ganoderma (Reishi) spores showed significantly anti-HIV-1 protease, antitumor, and anti-complement activities. Triterpenoids are the main active constituents of ganoderma spores and show various bioactivities for its medicinal use." (source)  

According to WebMD, Reishi is used for a variety of  ailments and viral infections such as the flu, insomnia, fatigue, asthma and bronchitisheart disease, high blood pressurehigh cholesterolcancer and other issues.  

Thankfully my husband does not have any major health problems, but we are having him use this in hopes that he might have more energy, more recuperative sleep, and an improved immune system.  He gets colds frequently and seems to suffer from seasonal allergies year-round.  

I did receive this for review (at no cost to me) and only one bottle was sent.  With most supplements, it is generally necessary for a product to be diligently taken for at least 3-6 months before true and vivid results are seen.  So far he has not had any issues with taking it.  

To learn more about this product, you can visit the t-Cell website and or find them on Amazon.  Perhaps you are familiar with Reishi mushroom supplements and are looking for one that is highly concentrated.  Again, I personally do not know much about this topic and I am not a doctor or holistic expert.  

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