Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Shower Curtain Rings (Gold) by Lofogo (Review)

I recently was sent some shower curtain rings in gold-tone.  This may be something you may not think much about but do your curtain rings match the grommets on the curtain? Ours finally match.  I love our retro inspired roller ball rings.  The sound when the curtain is opened and closed is really quite nice (its the simple happy things in life sometimes).  I like having a closed ring that does not skip or snag along the curtain.  I have had our rings on our shower curtain rod for a few months now, but they were silver in tone and the grommets were golden. :) It clashed in my opinion and although no family visitors or guest might notice or care, the difference, however slight, was noticeable to me. I had not thought about getting gold ones as the silver ones seem more readily available.

I was thrilled to have some gold ones sent to me for review and although they are just as fantastic and similar to my silver ones, the gold really completes the look.  When comparing the silver and the gold (from 2 different brands) I do not see any differences to note except for brand and color.  These are just lovely still the same except these are stainless steel and polished brass.  They are very stylish and add affair of old hollywood glamour.  I need to find a vintage 50's pale pink and champagne gold shower curtain to really make these beauties pop (but the grommets will need to be golden as well).  For now, my blue shower curtain is getting a nice little touch of fancy and I am very pleased.

These do not rust and they glide along ever so smooth.  The company that they are from is Lofogo.  I had not heard of this brand but they seem to work well and I have no complaints.  The hooks are easy to open and then close securely.  The price is reasonable and the color is classy.

When I saw the stock photo from the company (the shower bar is BLACK) I knew I had to add the picture to the review. That black bar looks ultra glam in my opinion. I need to find one like that for my bathroom. I think it beautifully showcases the gold rings, and it would not show the discoloration and age that my white bar shows.

I was sent these rings for an honest review.  I recommend them and have no issues with them.

This is easy to open, and stays securely closed when pushed in and then around, similar to a safety pin. :)
Notice that the silver tone is on the left and the right one is the gold.  

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