Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sabi Chop Cut-and-Take Pill Splitter: Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I am reviewing the Sabi Chop Cut-and-Take Pill Splitter.

Certain vitamin supplements (horse pills as many people have referred to them--although I'd imagine an actual horse pill would probably be super large (perhaps the size of a finger or larger??) and would possibly not even fit on our tongue) are so large that they can be difficult to swallow whole, they can make you gag and wince. Some pills come in only one high dosage and you need to cut in half or quarter them to get a lower dose. Some people decide to buy a pill in a larger dosage and split it for cost reasons such as perhaps their insurance only pays for a certain dosage or amount of pills. Regardless of why people must split their pills, they need to find a way to do it that is safe, effective and doesn't make their pill fly across the room. :)

I am currently taking prenatal medication, and have so for many years. I take many pills, of all sizes and shapes but do not usually need to cut any of them. I am not a fan of taking large pills, however, throughout the years have just grown accustomed to the unpleasantness and just got it over with with an occasional facial grimace. There is one pill that I take, it is small, however needs to be cut in half as the dosage is too large if taken whole. I never had a pill splitter/cutter, so previously always used a steak knife to cut my pill since I only cut one pill and did not see the need to buy a splitter.

I was sent a pill chopper from the Sabi company to review. It arrived safely and packaged professionally. The chop pill splitter is blue and white. I tested out a small, oblong shaped pill. I placed the pill splitter on my kitchen table, opened it and inserted the pill (into the soft grey rubber groove to stabilize pill), closed the lid, then pressed down with normal but direct force of my palm, ensuring the weight was distributed evenly. SUCCESS!

The lid is concave so it fits comfortably and ergonomically forms to my hand. It has a durable plastic blade, not metal, so it’s safe and won’t slice fingers if you are unsteady or clumsy like I am sometimes (ok most times). Being made of plastic, you don’t have to worry about it rusting if it gets wet, just rinse it under water to clean between uses or as often as desired. I have a toddler who like to get into things and watch me, so if she did quickly grab this up while tagging along into the kitchen, she is not going to get cut. I never have my medicines available around her, but this chopper does currently sit alone on the counter in my kitchen, and potentially could attract a child's interest.

It seems to do a great job cutting the pills I placed in the chop splitter to cut. I only tested one type of pill, because there is only one pill that I normally split in half. I tested my pink Vitamin B12 tablets and they fit perfectly in this splitter. I did not test with any larger pills, rounded pills or any soft form pills. I like how this has an anti-slip rubber base. When pressing down it gave a load chop sound and I could tell it worked before I opened it up. The cut was clean and smooth. I should have positioned it better in the grey area as one side was larger than the other, but that was user error and not due to the chopper being faulty.

It seems to be a sturdy, well made little gadget. It is not ugly, or bulky, but rather cute, compact, and the colors are nice. I can see it fitting into a purse or travel bag easily. I have not tested this out with an elderly individual or someone with arthritis, so I cannot comment as to how easily it is for all individuals, however, I had no difficulty using it. I liked this splitter and will use it for my one pill. It is worth it for me to not have to use a knife to cut, which seems dangerous as I am rather clumsy and often the act of cutting with the knife would cause my pill to fly across the counter when it got the notion.

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