Friday, June 23, 2017

Nora's Brushes - Oval Brush Set (Makeup Brush Set Review)

I have wanted to try these "toothbrush" type makeup brushes ever since I saw them on a youtube channel (I am such an insomniac and love binge watching beauty guru videos late at night). I was provided this set from Nora's Brushes (there are numerous brands that make these types of brushes, but this is one that I have experience with) and are being sold from Little Red Gift (Amazon Seller).  I have a mini review of them for you.

These are my first of this type of oval "toothbrush face brush". They take some practice, but they are definitely fun to use and I must admit and am liking them.  I will get better at using them as I learn.  I am not sure I will get much use from the tiny or thin ones. The eyeliner brush I most likely won't use (and have not used yet) as I like a sharp, cat eye liquid black liner.  I use Stila's felt tip liquid liner pen and have not used gel pot eyeliners for a few years.  I am sure the skinny brush would be great for a smokey smudged liner look. I am happy to see that there are some suggestions of how to use each brush (on the Amazon listing).

I got a freebie silicone sponge with the set (hidden under the black plastic tray) which was a nice surprise in the box. I am pretty devoted to my hot pink beauty blender sponge, so I am not sure how often I will use the silicone sponge.  It also feels weird in my hand.  Very Weird Indeed.  But it is a nice bonus product that many people will get use out of as these are really popular right now!

I will get the most use from the 3 or 4 biggest oval brushes.  I think this is a nice set and I am pleased that so far I have not had any shedding.  The brush hairs are very soft.  These are attractive looking and the font is nicely done as well.  There was not much (if any) of a chemical odor, which was a blessing (my experience from many makeup brush sets I have tested in the past).  The handles are a rubbery material and have some "give" when used on my face.  This is the part that takes some time getting used to as I lose a little control over them.  (but not so much as to make my foundation messy or cakey).  I really like using these for foundation/bb cream and blush.  I am loving the "contour #5" brush for my Urban Decay Primer Eyeshadow Potion and eyeshadow.  I find this does a better job for me than the skinny #6 and #7 that are designed for eyeshadow.  Again, this is just my opinion and experience.  I love makeup and have used it for years, but I am not in anyway a professional with the application, so simple and convenient is what I need.  

I really LOVE this set.  They work well and my foundation looks smooth, covers well, and gives me the natural, but healthy skin look.  I did try these slightly damp, and that really works well for me!

I think this would make a nice gift for someone and the price is great considering there are other more expensive sets out there.  

Oval 1: Foundation, Bronzing or Setting Powder

Oval 2: Cheek Blush, Contour, Foundation, Bronzing or Setting Powder

Oval 3: Cheek Blush, Contour, Foundation, Bronzing or Setting Powder, Eyeshadow color, Concealer

Oval 4: Cheek Contour, Foundation, Setting Powder, Eyeshadow color, Concealer

Oval 5: Eye Shadow Color, Concealer

Linear 6: Eye Shadow Color, Eye Liner, Cheek Blush & Contour, Concealer

Linear 7: Eye Shadow Color, Brow Color, Eye Liner, Concealer

Linear 8: Eye Shadow Color, Brow Color, Eye Liner

Circle 9: Lip Color/ Finish, Eye Shadow Color, Concealer

Circle 10: Lip Color/Finish, Eye Shadow Color, Brow Color, Concealer

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