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Laiya Deluxe Fashion Diaper Bag, Reviewed

I am a mommy of 2, and soon to be 3 children. I need a diaper bag that is large, provides organization, and also looks fashionable. I have many bags due to my obsession with pretty things and because I love having everything I need within reach. I would not call myself an over-packer, but I do like to be prepared for the unplanned parenting times when life gets complicated or incredibly messy.

Laila Baby sent me one of their bags for review, in exchange for my honest opinion and evaluation.

This is the Laiya Deluxe, I like this bag, it is very modern and classy with the white and black stripes with beige accents.  For those who carry a lot of items in their bags, this is very lightweight and the straps do not dig into my shoulder.   I love that there is a messenger strap for handsfree carry.

This bag does not have a zippered top, which might be an issue for some.  I do prefer a zippered top, but am used to my PPB Cake Society bag not having a zipper.  The bag closes with a vegan leather strap with lobster clasp.

This is a cotton canvas material.  There are pockets on the inside (as well as 2 deep pockets on the outside) for organization. The lining is white cotton material which makes it easy to see inside the bag. I do want to mention that the inside lining of this bag is not water resistant or wipeable which could pose an issue if you carry bottles or sippy cups in your diaper bags (I never have, but most users do). This bag arrived without any flaws or chemical odors. The bag seems to be made well for the price and the stitching was precise.  I like that the silver tone hardware seems to be of nice quality.

If you are looking for a lightweight bag, this may be the bag for you.  It works well as a semi-diaper / outing bag for when we will be at a park or somewhere when I need something light to carry with only a few essentials. I appreciate the lightness of this bag for times when we are walking around somewhere and have other things we may need to carry such as a wellness expo fair that might pass out freebies or someplace where you might add various trinkets and keepsakes along the way.  I find it best suited for non-diaper bag use due to the material of the bag and overall structure.

I am very conscious of where I take my diaper bag and where it is set down.  I never put my bags on the floor and often cover my bags when at a restaurant.  I am concerned of cleaning deep stains from this bag, as well as baby related ones (luckily no issues as of yet).  The changing pad is wipeable on one side, however I am concerned about the canvas on the other side.

Due to the structure of the lining, it is more difficult to get things in and out of the bag when the lining comes up with the item you are removing.  It does not work as a daily carry diaper bag for me personally with 2 young children (one being in cloth diapers).  It does function nicely as a beach bag, playground/park bag, or short length activity / outing bag (perhaps for 2 hours or less).

When I pack a diaper bag, I like a bit more structure inside as it is easier for me to organize and pack.  To remedy this issue, or to add storage options, I often use smaller bags to organize my diaper bags. A good pouch that I recommend is the JuJube Be Quick. Generally I carry 2-3 pouches (in differing patterns so I remember what is in them before I open them). For smaller items, I like the Petunia Pickle Bottom Powder Room Cases.

I normally carry a larger bag, however this bag can fit a decent amount (as seen in my photos below).

This bag is suitable for keeping 1-2 cloth diaper/ wipes, nursing cover (not pictured, but stored inside the large aqua pouch), a few small organizational pouches, perhaps a spare outfit for my youngest, my cell phone (not pictured), wallet, some snacks and few small toys or teethers.  I am showing the bag with my Kindle tablet (houndstooth case) for size reference, however I personally would not put an electronic item in this bag (other than my phone) as there is not enough structure or padding to further protect.   My phone is always stored in a padded case (floral).

I love the messenger strap, but think this diaper bag would also benefit from having the messenger strap also convert the bag into a backpack style for even more hands free use.  My Petunia Pickle Bottom Sashay and Cake Society bag both have a backpack option.  Not all of my bags convert to backpack, and certainly this is not something I have to have, but it can be convenient.

This sporty bag comes in handy for times when I do not want to bring my more expensive bags that would be damaged when wet or soiled.  I am a Petunia Pickle Bottom Cake lover and velvet and tweed is not the best option in bad weather or a messier outing.

I have not used the changing pad as it is too small for me and I am not fond of cloth, non wipeable changing pads. Canvas is not something that would be easy to wash frequently when soiled with baby mess (I am guessing it would perhaps shrink or cause misshaping to the pad).  I do find that this pad is nice for using as a clean spot for setting my bag down (vinyl side down) when at the park to protect the bottom of the bag.

The bag is attractive and fun to carry.  I can fit a lot more than I thought I might be able to, but the issue with the inner lining structure is probably what makes this more of a tote for beach or park in my eyes.  This would be a great bag for clipping to your stroller when going to the zoo or an aquarium.  It definitely is a bag that does not have the typical diaper bag appearance.  I think it would be nicely suited as a summer purse.

I have a large amount of baby changing bags as I love coordinating to my outfits and activities.  I know what works for me and what does not. This is more of a casual tote for me than a diaper bag, but it still is a nice option for you to consider.

For more information on Laiya Baby, you can visit their website.

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