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Java Factory Coffee, 40 ct. Variety Pack Review

Do you love coffee? Have you found a brand that is unique and delicious? I was sent some coffee for review from Two Rivers Coffee Company / Java Factory.  

The Java Factory 40 ct box is perfect for the coffee lover household with varying tastes.   Coffee aficionados will be elated to have a large box of brewed bliss.  Between my husband and I, we go through coffee very quickly and so having a 40 ct. box is a great match for us.   Here are the flavors that we were sent for honest evaluation and review:

I like how the box is sturdy and can act as a storage bin for the coffee for those who do not use a drawer or carousel.  We have both storage systems, but find this box is nice enough should we need the extra storage.  None of the cups were damaged in shipment, which is great since we have experienced loose grounds in the box from other companies we have tried.  

I really like the Choconut (chocolate coconut) as it tastes great as an iced coffee with whipped cream (either blended with ice or poured over ice).  The box has a nice assortment of flavors and you are sure to find a favorite that suits your mood or fancy.  

The Vanilla Dream is vanilla and toffee flavored brew and is also a supreme treat when iced.  My husband drinks his coffee insanely hot all year round, while I prefer iced.  

Wakey Wakey is a full bodied, florally infused light roast that is thoroughly enjoyed by my husband.  Although he likes flavored coffee as much as I do, he appreciates a top quality, light to medium roast.  I like this lighter coffee as well, but since I do make cold brews and blended drinks, I often save the darker roasts for myself. 

Da Bomb is an extremely bold brew with double the caffeine for those who need some help in the morning to function.  I use this version for my iced coffee brews for those mornings when this mommy has had little sleep from my toddler who is not sleeping in his own bed.  This dark roast coffee contains double the amount of caffeine found in a regular 8 oz single serve cup of coffee, so if you are an insomniac like me, you should drink this in moderation and reserve it for morning or midday only.   My husband is the exact opposite.  He can fall asleep sitting up and in mid conversation sometimes.  I like to keep a few extra caffeinated brews on hand for him right before we need to drive late into the night for travel or just driving home from a busy day and he gets sleepy.   It keeps him alert and makes me feel confident that our family is much safer.  I think it would be awesome if the company made some kcup shots (already in liquid form) that are the same size and portability of a kcup, but that can keep fresh in a glove compartment of the car for night drivers and those that need a burst of energy, and sense of clarity when a coffee brewer is not in sight.  

Dark and Handsome is a delightful, richly crafted smooth talker that will be sure to impress you.  :) It tastes wonderful with simple cream and some sweetness of your choosing.  I only use either sugar or Xylitol crystals for my cup of java.  According to the manufacturer, the dark and handsome beans are removed from the roaster right before they reach their peak roasting point, thus preventing any burnt or bitter flavor.

Lastly, there is Smooth Caffeinator, which might just make you start humming---or singing that 80's song of a similar wording. :)  This variety is a perfect moderate blend, it is perhaps the brother of Mr. Dark and Handsome.  Both are impressive and will make the ladies swoon and the men inspire to be like them.  Smooth Caffeinator is bold, yet moderately mellow and polite, not too weak and not too strong.  

My husband and I thoroughly enjoy this brand and did not find any of the brews to be bitter or watered down.  My husband usually drinks Green Mountain coffee, but is enjoying this brand a lot.  We have reviewed a few other varieties from Two Rivers / Brooklyn Beans / Java Factory in the past.  The company has a vast selection of items to suit even the non coffee drinker.  They do cup varieties of flavored hot chocolate and teas as well.  

*I was sent a 40 ct box of Kcups from this company, all thoughts are my own and honest.

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Vintage fantastic desk with my Java Factory coffee!

Ok, so I like a little coffee with my cream! Ha!

Cold brew bold coffee, ice, pure vanilla extract (non alcohol version) and milk. 
I must convince you to get some stainless steel straws, they will change your life! They are earth friendly,  and save you money from your pocketbook, but also, the make everything more frosty! Yummy!

I must admit, I sometimes add 2 little chocolate pieces into my blended coffee drinks when I want to indulge.  It is not so healthy, but it is oh so good!

Ah, beautiful Beige!  That is some creamy goodness right there!

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