Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kroger Summer Grilling!

I am a bzzagent, and here is my review for the Kroger brands summer grilling foods. I received these items in exchange for my honest and full review. I was so happy to review these. I received these free to try. Kroger 100% Ground Beef Burgers, Kroger Cheddar & Sour Cream Ripples Potato Chips, Big K Ginger Ale, and Kroger Buns were selected for review.

I wanted to get whole wheat buns for the hamburgers, but I could not find them or they were sold out. I was lucky to even find a package of regular Kroger white enriched hamburger buns, as it seems the hot summer weather gave shoppers an urge for grilling. All the Kroger buns except 3 bags (crazy) on the bottom rack were all sold out. The rack (large wooden pallet in the middle of the large bread aisle) that the buns were sitting on consisted of about 3 or 4 shelves. (that gives you an idea of how many bags it had before they sold out) I was happy that the price was $1.00 a bag, so that probably was also why they were almost sold out. We love Kroger prices.

The Buns: do they compare? Are they worth the price? The buns were soft and fresh and comparable to a more expensive name brand. For $1.00 without any coupons, this is a great deal for the quality. They were the perfect size for the Kroger hamburgers we bought.

Here's the Beef: The Kroger 100% Ground Beef Burgers (93/7 lean) came with 12 count ground beef patties and were bagged. These patties were in the frozen section near the boxed seafood area (frozen shrimp, frozen fried fish, etc.) There was quite a variety of Kroger frozen burgers. We usually get Laura's lean beef which ranges from about 90% lean to 98% lean. We try to eat hamburger with more beef and less fat as it is healthier for us. These seemed comparable to our favorite brand. The hamburgers cooked well on our indoor Cuisinart Grill. We loved how the burgers were just the perfect size to eat and fit the buns. It is quite convenient to have the burgers preformed. I was quite surprised at the quality, juicy and flavorful. I have always loved Kroger foods, but in my past experience, preformed, ready to make burgers (in other brands) generally are lower quality meat with more fat content. This was not the case with these Kroger burgers.

Chips and Soda: For the chips, we chose Kroger Cheddar & Sour Cream Ripples Potato Chips. These seemed to be comparable to the name brand. They were pretty good, we just do not eat chips much. We probably buy 2 bags total for an entire summer. I got these chips for my husband, as I normally eat Cap Cod 40% less fat kettle cooked potato chips (the few times we get chips). We also tried the Big K ginger ale in the 12 oz cans. We hated this. We thought it tasted like cheap orange soda--which is weird because this is supposed to be ginger ale. It had no ginger flavor at all. We prefer Canada Dry or Ale 8. But again just like the chips, we do not drink soft drinks often.

Final Thoughts: We only drank 2 cans out of the 12 pack. Except for the soft drink not being of good quality, everything else was tasty and a great value. We will purchase the hamburgers and buns again.

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