Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Kroger Private Selections Upside Down Cake in Chocolate Molten BzzAgent Campaign

I was able to try the Kroger Private Selections Upside Down Cake in Chocolate Molten. Here are my honest thoughts on the Molten chocolate from Private Selections. I received this free to try and was given a coupon. This was easy to "bake", just remove plastic wrapping, and place the plastic cake tray onto a baking sheet, bake for 14 minutes and then flip onto a pretty plate, slice in generous portions, and serve to your loved ones. (well, placing cake on an ugly plate, in small slices to enemies is just not a good idea!--they will become really mad.) It is a nice deep chocolate that tastes very rich and decadent. It does tend to fill you up quick so makes sure your second slice serving size is not so generous!!! It tasted homemade, but was a little on the dry side, I tend to make really moist cakes and like to add sour cream or apple sauce into the cake mix to add lots of moist flavor, but since this was ready to bake, I could not change the level of moistness. The cake was fairly easy clean-up (except for some drippy chocolate sauce that was a bit messy!--oops). Here are the cons that sadly will hinder a purchase from me in the future: The cake is not low fat, (aw phooey! I was hoping this was fat free and low calorie--ha ha--joking, but sadly it was a whopping 300 calories for 1/8th of the cake. Where oh where is that cake?? It hard to find in our Kroger, we searched all areas for a good 20 minutes, and the staff had no clue where to find it. My husband actually found some boxes on his own, behind the bakery counter on a stocking cart left unattended and had to grab this cake off of there (do not worry he checked the date and it was still cold, so I guess the person went on their lunch break and left several boxes on the cart). The price was not appetizing: It was free for me but normally is $12.99. Overall - it was pretty tasty. They have a German chocolate & apple amber honey flavor as well. I love German Chocolate cake, but luckily was able to have some homemade baked for me for my birthday this last week....

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