Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kroger Simple Truth Products from BzzAgent

This was an exciting campaign for me and my family. Simple Truth products are found at Kroger and are natural and organic products. These products were easy to find at our local Kroger with full color signs located throughout the store featuring the new and healthy products.

Here is Kroger's view on their new product line:

"These foods provide a simple, uncomplicated and trustworthy solution to the challenge of simply better living. You’ll find Simple Truth and Simple Truth Organic items throughout the store during your everyday shopping trips. Clean, simple packaging and easy-to-understand ingredient statements take the chore out of selecting Organic, Free From 101 and Natural foods."

When I opened my free bzzkit, here is what I received in products and coupons. I will also list what I selected in the store if it was a coupon that had several options of products to choose.

One (1) 12 oz. bottle of Simple Truth soda in Sparkling Blackberry Pomegranate

One (1) Simple Truth health and wellness bar in Fudge Graham

Coupon for one (1) Free bag of Simple Truth frozen fruit (I selected blueberries)

Coupon for one (1) Free bag of Simple Truth veggie chips (I selected sweet potato)

Coupon for one (1) Free Simple Truth almond milk (I chose chocolate)

Pass-along the savings to friends, family, and other consumers coupons for 20% off featured Simple Truth products.

Breaking down that previous statement, "Clean, simple packaging and easy-to-understand ingredient statements" I found this to be true in every way. I liked the look of the packaging of the products, the pleasing to the eye colors of white and greens, with a few splashes of coordinating colors at edges of packaging. The overall look of the packaging was, as they refer in their motto as "clean." The simplicity of the packaging actually made it feel better made and top quality. I think far to many product packaging have crazy colors and logos that are distracting from allowing you to see what is in the product.

I shared the nutrition bar with my husband. The bar tasted quite nice for a healthier option treat. (Good substitute for a candy bar) It did have a higher amount of sugar than I would have liked, 18 grams of sugar, 230 calories and 28 carbs! (yikes)

Simple Truth Sparkling Blackberry Pomegranate is sweetened sparkling water. It did not taste bad, but it was very sweet and our family does not drink soft drinks any more. My husband and I did not finish the entire drink between us. We have a 2 year old and she currently has only had apple juice once in her life (and it was watered down half with water and the rest with 100% no added sugar juice). My husband and I water down all our 100% juices before we drink them. We drink water, teas, and milk in this household, so this drink tasted too sweet for us. This It does contain 12% of juice (which also contains sugar) and it is free of artificial preservative and ingredients. I would have liked this drink to be 100% fruit juice with no added sugar, and have the sparkling water in it. We sometimes will have a treat of 100% cranberry juice and sparkling water mixed together or a similar flavor juice.

The frozen blueberries are great, (I only wished the bag was not so small) and I have used the berries in my frozen smoothies. I add frozen strawberries, some unsweetened plain greek yogurt, oj with pulp, 1 banana, and the blueberries. A wonderful breakfast idea!

I tried the chocolate almond milk from Simple Truth's version, it was decent, but not thick like I was hoping. I normally drink soy milk which has 7-8 grams of protein a serving, this was about 1 gram. I was not too pleased about that and also wished the milk was frothy and thick like the TruMoo milk I tried a few weeks ago.

My favorite and the winner of this campaign was definitely the sweet potato chips, I ate the whole bag in 2 days (and sorry did not share!) These chips are deliciously tasty, and are crunchy, remind me of a sweet potato that has been cut up into slices and baked, and 3 grams of sugar.

I am excited to try more things from Simple Truth.

I was sent these samples and coupons to try these items out and review them.

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