Monday, March 4, 2013

MorningStar Farms prime burgers bzzagent campaign

I selected the "griller prime" veggie burger, as it seemed to be the most similar to a meat burger. I cooked the burger on the stove top in a skillet one day with non stick spray and then melted some real cheddar on it. I also baked some crispy onion rings in the oven (precooked frozen). When the burger was ready, I added a crunchy sandwich pickle and some A1 steak sauce. 

I was quite surprised at how decent the MEATLESS burger was. I am not sure how often our family will purchase these, however, they are a quick and healthier option. MorningStar Farms Grillers Prime Veggie Burgers contain 9g fat (17 g protein) per serving, compared with regular ground beef containing 15g fat per serving. 

The second day I prepared these as instructed for the microwave. However I was not as successful as I hoped. The first hamburger: I got ahead of myself and put it in the microwave without putting the correct time--I just figured I was going to put in 3 minutes and press start. It came out horrible and rubbery like a mix between cardboard and rubber tire (that is what I would imagine a hamburger rubber tire would taste like--luckily I have not tried eating a tire before. :) ) 

The second of the hamburgers: I actually put it in the microwave for the correct time and in turned out not too bad--but not as great as the stove option. (This is an method for those in a hurry or who do not want to make a mess in the kitchen or who are cooking for one). I think the best option for flavor is to cook on the stove. 

I still like a good thick meaty hamburger and will not be able to give up meat, but this is a good option for those dieting, or want a meat-free meal. I enjoyed this free trial of MorningStar Farms prime burgers by bzzagent campaign, and these thoughts are my own.

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