Monday, January 7, 2013

Bzz Agent Review: CoverGirl Flipstick

I am a lover of makeup. I am also one who likes trying new products immediately. I often "google" a new beauty product once it is seen on a television commercial, or in a store display and want to find out more about it.

If a product is designed to give me "fuller lips" or "longer, fuller eyelashes", or "toned, slimmer hips and thighs", I am on my way, headed to my nearest store, or searching the internet to read reviews. I am definitely a consumer and love trying new products once they hit the market.

I have always been fond of the CoverGirl brand. My first face powders and foundations were CoverGirl when in middle school. The quality, availability, and price point have always been a positive for me with this brand.

When the opportunity to review a new lipstick line from CoverGirl arose, I jumped at the chance. I was sent 3 dual ended "flipsticks" to review.

CoverGirl Blast Flipstick is a double ended lipstick. It comes in 13 different varieties, and that of course is really a total of 26 shades! That is a nice value for your money. Each flipstick is a mix of two complementing colors. One end is a more of a creamy matte like shade, and the other end is a shimmery accent shade. They are designed to be worn alone or together, and this can create many looks depending on the occasion or mood.

I tried the 3 flipsticks, but only Vixen (deep fuschia and a light shimmery pink), seemed to work for me. I am a pink shade lipstick wearing gal, and my skintone is pale, fair, ivory toned with pink cool undertones. I will wear red lipstick on rare occasions when I am wanting to glam it up.

The other colors in the dual flipsticks were too orange or brown for my skin tone. Stunner is a coral-ish orangey shade with a shimmery gold end, and the brown toned one is called Minx, which is a darker brown and a shimmery bronze.

I was not a big fan of the long skinny lipstick type. I realize that in order to do a dual ended product perhaps this was the best way to accomplish that idea.

I seem to use lipsticks that are the classic shape and easier for me to apply. I like the wide lipsticks and not fond of skinny tubes. I think the idea of being able to create 2-3 looks in one is great. With these lipsticks you can create a simple look or add some shimmer for a evening look. Either end can be worn alone or add the two for a bolder look.

The wearing time seemed nice on these lipsticks, and the colors were bright. I do think I would have done a better job reviewing and liking these if I could had picked out my own 3 flipsticks in the store in person. I have never been a fan of extremely dark or brown shades for lips. I like colors that are pink toned or red toned, as they look more healthy and closer to a more realistic lip shade.

Would I buy these on my own? I think I would of I could pick out more colors that suited my skintone and personality. I think that sending a coupon for 3 lipsticks to choose on my own in store or a chance to select what colors were sent for trial to me would have been best. Not everyone will look best in the colors that were sent.

I chose 3 stars for the fact that the colors sent did not suit me. I have not seen the entire line of flipsticks so not sure if there are more colors for me to choose that I would like better. I Would say the Vixen is a good match for my preference and skintone. The lipstick being a dual stick is a great idea and makes my pocketbook happy at about $8.50 a stick. (That is like 2 lipsticks for that place).

CoverGirl Blast Flipstick can be found at most large retailers and drugstores.

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